Due Diligence
Market Sizing
Strategy and Positioning


TABB Group’s Consulting Services are focused on global institutional capital markets. We help clients gain a competitive edge and grow their business by providing relevant, timely analysis and strategic counsel.
Our clients span the financial services spectrum and include top-tier investment banks and broker-dealers, technology vendors, global exchanges, private equity firms and venture capitalists, hedge funds, asset managers and proprietary trading firms.
Our strategic advisory efforts on their behalf provide solutions for leadership. We deliver actionable recommendations in three focused advisory services:
Due Diligence
We advise major firms in the industry as well as private equity firms and venture investors on acquisitions strategies and specific targets. Our efforts are designed to get to the story behind the “book on the street”. Leveraging all three core methodologies we help those firms answer the key question: should they make the investment or not ?
Market Sizing
The size of an addressable market is not simply the estimated sum of key firms’ revenues. It also involves industry trends, regulatory influences, disruptive technologies, accurate customer segmentation and spending patterns. Combining these with unstructured data around industry attitudes and shifting perceptions provides a more complete picture to better assess the status quo and future market characteristics.
Strategy and Positioning
There are multiple takes on the optimal strategy for any offering. The right message, the right geography, the competitive position, the right pricing, etc. Critically, industry attitudes can dramatically shape the reception of a new initiative or the on-going success of an existing franchise. Our efforts range from orienting start-up firms to the financial vertical to advising major players on how to best position major initiatives.
TABB Group Consulting Services Methodologies
Our strategic solutions are based on three core methodologies that derive from the ongoing activities of TABB Group:
I.            The TABB Group Global Model – This proprietary model has been developed in the last 15 years. It estimates spending by various capital markets segments. Ongoing refinement from our research and consulting efforts, assures timeliness and accuracy. 
This top down approach is supplemented our model with bottom up analysis, estimating revenues and market share of leading providers in each segment. In specific assignments, we refine our models with targeted efforts that focus on a particular market niche, resulting in a deeper analysis and more granular estimates.
II.            The Voice of The Market – TABB Group’s outreach model is the foundation of our published research and consulting. Since its founding in 2003, we have conducted thousands of interviews with key leaders in global capital markets. TABB Group has developed interview methodology that maximizes the information gathered while at the same time permits standardization of results for accessible summary and meaningful interpretation.
We have significant experience in interviewing top financial services leaders and executives including portfolio managers, senior technology mangers, hedge fund managers and head traders. TABB Group employs its own executive team with in-depth industry experience. This allows us to institutionalize the knowledge we gain, maintain the confidence of both our clients and the professionals we interview, and deliver the high level of quality demanded of both our clients and TABB Group. These conversations are at a peer level and thus provide insightful candor. We conduct approximately 750 – 1,000 interviews annually; in so doing we maintain a highly valuable repository of key contacts and resources.
III.            The Competitive Landscape – As a leading industry analyst group, key constituencies in the industry (sell-side, technology providers, exchanges et al.) view TABB Group as a major source of insight into their offerings as well as a major outlet to publicize them. As a consequence, we are privy to the most current developments in critical products and service offerings. These are significantly enhanced in a more formally in our published efforts and consulting engagements where we create and maintain company and industry sub-sector profiles.
Why TABB Group?
TABB Group’s approach to working with clients is grounded in a thorough understanding of the complexities of the financial marketplace – the interplay among market sectors, and the interdependencies of market participants, trading venues and regulators. Our Global teams have deep knowledge in specialized domains gained through decades of experience on the front lines of the industry. This knowledge, coupled with the intelligence we gain from our network of informed sources – senior executives, traders, technologists and regulators – means we’re uniquely positioned to provide you with an informed picture of the markets, the opportunities that lie within them, and the drivers and trends shaping the future.
Founded in 2003, TABB Group is independent and authoritative. Our client list is a testament to the esteem in which we’re held.  Founder and CEO Larry Tabb - along with our senior staff - are quoted frequently in every major financial and general news outlet. And we are the only advisory firm that’s been called to testify before Congress, the CFTC, SEC, and European Regulators on key issues affecting the markets.

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