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OTC Eco-Centers: Expanding the Role of the 21st Century Datacenter to Meet New Market Structure, Webinar, December 6th 
Author(s)/Individual(s):  Paul Rowady 


Join us for a live webinar presentation on Thursday, December 6th on OTC Eco-Centers.

Thursday December 6, 2012
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

There is massive change afoot in capital markets.  Mainly in response to unprecedented and global regulatory drivers that will force the OTC swaps market into a more exchange-like environment and automated workflows – but also due to the evolving nature of market  interconnectedness and an exploding diversity of data flows – market participants are faced with the increasing need to immerse themselves (and their systems and their trading systems) within increasingly complex ecosystems.  This complexity leads to a myriad of connectivity requirements between the SEFs, CFMs, CCPs, and the buy-side.  The more established equity and option markets have found that collocating inside of common data centers (or liquidity centers some have called them) provide high-performance and low-cost connectivity inside the trading eco-system. 

Paul Rowady - TABB Group, Senior Analyst
Chris Augstin -  Javelin, CIO
Shawn Kaplan - General Manager, Telx


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