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Shifting Hedges for a Changing Market, Webinar, December 5th 
Author(s)/Individual(s):  Paul Rowady 

TABB Group and OpenLink invite you to join us for a live webinar on December 5 for Trading professionals looking to understand the impact of new hedging products.
Discover how the list of available hedging products is set to expand, and how the products from the old paradigm -- coupled with those in the new -- will represent a heightened need for solutions that manage a greater diversity of products with a broader list of attributes. 

This interactive discussion will focus on these recent market drivers and how they are affecting:

  • OTC CLEARING:  How central clearing of formerly bilateral trade structures will impose new margin-related costs.
  • PRODUCT SELECTION:  Market participants will migrate toward less exotic products and outright vanillas as a result of these new embedded costs.
  • THE MEASUREMENT OF HEDGE EFFECTIVENESS: Minimizing basis risk and transaction and opportunity costs in this new world will require new solutions to measure and monitor an underappreciated concept known as hedge effectiveness.

Speaker:  Gary Koche, EVP of Capital Markets, OpenLink

Moderated by Paul Rowady, Senior Analyst, TABB Group

11:00 AM EST / 16:00 GMT


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