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A New Age For Storage: Opportunities For Trading, Webinar, December 4th 
Author(s)/Individual(s):  Adam Sussman 


Tuesday December 4, 2012
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EST

THE CAPITAL MARKETS ARE BUILT ON DATA. In fact, data management is the No. 1 business driver of capital markets technology investment, and enhanced data management is the most sought-after feature among front-office solutions. Register today for this exclusive webinar, produced by TabbFORUM and sponsored by Dell, and learn how leading storage technologies can help your firm compete in today’s high-speed markets. Our expert panelists will discuss how high-performance database solutions:

  • Provide the lowest-latency, highest- performance tick capture and market data analysis available.
  • Enable trading firms to execute back-testing of data in a fraction of the time it took in the past.
  • Allow financial firms to run risk compli- ance calculations against a common pool with no performance penalty.
  • Improve trade execution while assessing counterparty risk, fraud and trading in real time.
  • And more.

THE ABILITY TO PROCESS AND STORE MASSIVE (and growing) amounts of data will only become more important for market participants in the coming months and years as deeper analytics provide opportunities for differentiated alpha. And as the competition to be first continues to intensify, latency improvements will become increasingly critical. Understanding the state-of-the-art database technologies is the first step toward turning the potential pain of data management into a competitive advantage.

Adam Sussman - Partner, Director of Research, TABB Group
John Overton - CEO and Founder, Kove
Mark King - Global Strategy Director, Banking and Securities, Dell


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