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Fixed Income: Liquidity, Products, Platforms - A TabbFORUM Event, January 30th 
Author(s)/Individual(s):  Adam Sussman, Henry Chien, Larry Tabb, Will Rhode 

January 30, 2013, The NY Times Center

New products, new liquidity providers, new business models, new platforms – the universe is changing as banks de-leverage and the buy-side exercises more control over how it sources liquidity. Learn more about changes in the fixed income cash and derivative markets as the industry adjusts and innovates in response to regulation and a long-term low interest rate environment under QE.

12 pm - 1 pm  Registration & Networking

1 pm  Opening Remarks, Will Rhode, Principal, Director of Fixed Income, TABB Group

1:15 pm – 2 pm  Liquidity in Derivatives
Now that we know what a SEF is we look at why they are different to other markets and how technology will help attract liquidity
Moderated by: Adam Sussman, Partner, Director of Research, TABB Group

2 pm – 2:45 pm  Special Arm Chair Conversation

2:45 pm – 3:30 pm  Liquidity in Cash
Basel III/QE is forcing banks out of the principal business. How will the buy-side source liquidity in the secondary markets when the primary party ends and how will they manage risk when interest rate volatility returns?
Moderated by: Will Rhode, Principal, Director of Fixed Income, TABB Group

3:30 - 4 pm  Networking Break

4 pm – 4:45 pm   Product Innovation
“One of the reasons we have financial innovation is to get around rules and regulations,” Myron Scholes. We discuss the futurization of swaps, the prospect for fixed income ETFs as an alternative to CDS, and other innovative trends likely to arise because of regulation
Moderated by: Henry Chien, Analyst, TABB Group

4:45 pm – 5:15 pm   Keynote

5:15 pm  Closing Remarks

5:30 pm  Cocktail Reception


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