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The Fate of US Equities - A TabbFORUM Event, June 11th 

US EQUITY MARKET STRUCTURE is no longer held up as the most progressive in the world. Regulators around the globe increasingly are taking the lead in trying to address the challenges of a highly automated, fragmented market structure. At TABB's 5th annual equity event, expert panels of industry executives will put the US market under the microscope and explore the pros and cons of other market models, debating where the US leads and where it lags.


The Continental Divide

This panel will discuss the highlights and pain points of the US equity market structure, exploring differences and similarities in equity market structures and regulatory frameworks across the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America. Is there an optimal model?


Trading within Limits

Asset managers and hedge funds will discuss how well new sell-side coverage models fit together with changes in the structure of buy-side trading desks, exploring what this means for how they choose their brokers.


Why Trading Technology Still Matters

A panel of brokers and financial technology firms will discuss the development and maturity of innovative tools to measure the different components of trading, such as execution quality, venue toxicity, and algo performance across the markets, and examine how tools cater to different market structures.


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