US Equity Market Structure: Q1-2014 Market Metrics
Market Data Technology Innovation: Bigger Data, Simpler Solutions, Better Functionality
Meet Your (OTC) Market Maker: Return on Market Share
United State of Communications: The Possibilities Are Endless
US Institutional Equity Trading 2014: Part 2 Undercurrents of Change
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Propeller-Head Ubiquity, Part 2 Special Sauce and High-Turnover Diversification
SEC Lays Out Small-Cap Tick Pilot
Barclays Claims Don’t Need to Signal Dark Days for Dark Pools
Equity Liquidity Can You Find Me Now?
Can the Markets Function Without Maker-Taker?
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MarketTech 2014: Game of Smarts - A TabbFORUM Event, October 15, NYC
STA National 81st Annual Market Structure Conference, October 1-4, Washington DC
2nd OTC Derivatives Summit North America, Sept. 23-24, Westchester
CBOE RMC Europe 2014, Sept. 3 - 5, Ireland
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