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Nisa Amoils
Managing Director, 
A100x Ventures

Nisa Amoils is Managing Partner at A100x Ventures and Advisor to Dragonfly Capital where she, invests in early stage Blockchain/Crypto/Web 3 companies. She has been in VC for 11 years and investing in blockchain since 2016, with multiple unicorns and exits. She  previously worked for Scout Ventures and used to practice securities and corporate law at Anderson Kill. She serves on Boards such as Wharton Entrepreneurship, Global Digital Assets and Crypto Association, Nightfood (NGTF). She has been named Business Insider’s Women VC’s to watch, 2021 systematic leader in asset management, top 100 Women in Fintech, and top 50 global Blockchain thinkers. She is an occasional host and commentator at Defiance Media and Forbes.  She holds a business degree from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. 

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