TABB Group’s Derivatives Research Practice examines trading, operational and technology issues impacting global listed derivatives markets, representing one of the fastest growing sectors of the global financial markets.  Derivatives have become a powerful tool used by a broad variety of market participants who incorporate both listed and OTC derivatives into strategies designed to earn alpha, enhance risk management practices and preserve returns.  

Trading volumes continue to grow sharply across most instruments, with listed futures and options trading growing by compound annual growth rates of 17% and 19% since 1999, respectively.  OTC derivatives markets have seen an even greater expansion, with the total notional outstanding rising by 20% CAGR over the same period.


TABB Group’s Derivatives research is used by global financial market participants, including sell-side brokers and banks, asset managers and hedge funds, exchanges, vendors, and regulators worldwide to better understand current and future derivatives trading trends in the US, Europe, Asia and emerging markets around the world.