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Bill Callahan
Director of Government & Strategic Affairs,
Blockchain Intelligence Group

William (BIll) J. Callahan III is a law enforcement veteran with 20+ years in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He retired from the DEA as the Special Agent In Charge for the St. Louis Division and held numerous posts in the DEA since joining in early 2000.  


Bill specialized in complex, multi-jurisdictional money-laundering investigations. In many of these investigations, illicit actors took advantage of trade-based money laundering schemes, dark web narcotic distribution involving cryptocurrency, and market manipulation to obfuscate the true source of the funds.  During his 14 years assigned to the New York Division as a Special Agent and then a Group Supervisor, Bill established the DEA New York Division Financial Investigation Team and supervised Special Agents, Task Force Officers, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, and contracted Financial Investigators.  


While assigned to DEA Headquarters, Bill held numerous leadership positions in the Inspections and Operations Divisions including an assignment as the Section Chief of the Latin America and Caribbean Section.  Bil also served as a Senior Inspector where he established DEA’s proactive money laundering audit team, where he took part in the development of creating policy and procedures in furtherance of DEA’s undercover operations involving cryptocurrency.  


In 2021, Bill joined Blockchain Intelligence Group as the Director of Government and Strategic Affairs; he is responsible for developing relationships with law enforcement, regulators, and government agencies globally. 

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