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Morgan McKenney

The Chief Executive Officer of Provenance Blockchain Foundation, Morgan McKenney joined

the foundation in March of 2022 to lead the expansion of the Provenance Blockchain

ecosystem, and to enable financial institutions globally to realize the benefits of blockchain.


Previously, Ms. McKenney was at Citi in senior operating roles, most recently as Chief

Operating Officer for Citi’s largest division, Global Consumer Banking. During her career at Citi,

she was primarily focused on institutional and consumer payments innovation and digital

transformation in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and North America.


A blockchain practitioner, Ms. McKenney is passionate about enabling the digital economy,

harnessing emerging technology for business value and democratizing access to financial

services to support economic growth. In previous roles, she successfully implemented two

disruptive blockchain innovations with Nasdaq, as well as Alibaba and Ant Financial.


Currently based in San Francisco, California, Ms. McKenney received a BA in Computer

Science from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is a Member of

Council on Foreign Relations, Leadership Now Project, and a Limited Partner Advisor at Nyca

Partners. She was previously a Special Advisor to Centre, and a Bain Expert Advisor focused

on digital assets.

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