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Betsabe Botaitis
CFO & Treasurer,

Betsabe Botaitus, CFO and Treasurer - Betsabe is an internationally accomplished strategist and fintech executive with over 15 years of experience ranging from large financial institutions to blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, and acts as both the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Hedera. Prior to joining Hedera, she held various senior positions at renowned and leading-edge companies including Uplift (leading Buy-Now-Pay-Later ("BNPL") in travel), Kueski (Mexico’s largest BNPL), Lending Club, and Citigroup. Betsabe has developed a clear vision and roadmap for digital transformation in Finance and Accounting and has led this digital journey at several companies. She also served on the advisory board of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, is a fellow for the British America Project, and is a member of Hipower, a network of executive women leaders in Silicon Valley. Above all, Betsabe is a passionate advocate for economic equality. Her interest and work in blockchain started in 2016. It was the perfect evolution of her quest to find technologies that help advance financial inclusion and create market efficiencies.

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