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Questions? We have answers:

Q-What is TABB’s Research Alliance and how do I become a member?
A-Research Alliance is a subscription based access to TABB’s exclusive research.  The subscription can be enterprise wide or only a single user. If you are interested in becoming a member, email
Q-How do I know if my firm is a member of TABB’s Research Alliance?

A-Contact client services at to check if your firm subscribes to TABB’s research.


Q-Do I have a TABB Group Login?

A-TABB Group and TabbFORUM utilize Single-Sign on technology.  Therefore, you can use the same username and password to access, PDFs of TABB Group research and


Q-Why can’t I open the encrypted PDF using Google Chrome?

A-Google Chrome forces the downloaded PDFs to be opened in their PDF viewer.  Unfortunately, this viewer cannot be used on an encrypted PDF.  To open using Chrome, when the file downloads to your computer, right click the file from your browser and select, Open with Adobe Reader. 


Q-What URLs need to be whitelisted through my organization to access TABB Group’s website?,,,,,,


Q-What are my options for accessing the reports on the site?

A-There are two ways to download the reports on the research site: Online and Offline. Online is the fastest and easiest, just click View Report Online and the report will open. Select Download for the Offline if you want to save a copy onto your desktop or to print it; you will be prompted for your TABB login to open the file.


Q-What do I do if I’m prompted to purchase a report that I should have access to?

A- Please contact TABB Group at


Q-Is TABB Research accessible on mobile devices?

A-Yes, the web version of our research is accessible on all mobile devices.  In order to access the PDF version, the mobile device will need to have Adobe Reader.


Q-I’m using IE as my browser, but I cannot access TABB Group research?

A-TABB Group research is compatible on Version 10 or greater.


Q- What version of Adobe Reader to I need to view TABB research?


A- Any versions of Adobe Reader version 6.0 or above is compatible with Vitrium. In addition, just like most software out there, the product is modified and adapted to be most compatible with the latest upgrades - meaning for optimal results, try to get Adobe Reader DC (this is Adobe's latest Reader version to date).

You will also have to disable the Global Object Security policy to make the workflow more seamless with Vitrium's encryption. Please watch this video and make sure the settings on Adobe has been configured as such to make it compatible with Protectedpdf:


Q- Can Adobe automatically log me into a document using the Single Sign-On technology?


A- Yes.  If it doesn't do this automatically, you will need to clear your Adobe cookies. Please use the following instructions:


Go to: C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\DC\JSCache

Clear the cookies and log into the document again.


Q-How do I edit my profile or change my password?

A-Go to My Orders, then My Account.


Q-How do I show only the reports I have access to?

A-Be sure to log into  From, select the checkbox for Show accessible reports and click Submit.


Q-After I enter the Login Credentials I get a message to 'Enable global object security policy' javascript. What do I do? 

A-Go to "Edit > Preferences > JavaScript and uncheck the 'Enable global object security policy' checkbox".

Q-Can I access the file without being connected to the internet? 

A-You must be connected to the internet in order to activate your Login Credentials and unlock the file. However after logging in you can tick a check box to be automatically signed in each time you open the file.


Q-Can I share the reports? 

A-You can send the downloaded PDF internally if your firms has an enterprise wide subscription, but they must have a TABB login to open the protected PDF.

Still need help?  Contact TABB now!

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