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Nina Kaplan
President & CEO North America,
XVA Blockchain

Nina Kaplan is a globally recognized business leader, pioneer and entrepreneur at the forefront of emerging DeFi technology and its applications for financial markets. She bridges the new world of crypto with legacy New York finance, commodities and derivatives markets. Her successes have landed her on the covers of major publications, including NEWSWEEK. 

Nina spearheaded blockchain policy and legislation for the State of New Jersey in 2017, and continues to work on important digital assets policy and legislation in the State. She serves as a member of the International Swaps & Derivatives Association's (ISDA's) Digital Assets Legal Group, the ISDA Digital Assets Risk & Capital Working Group, and the ISDA Fintech Legal Group. 

Nina is an experienced physical and commodities trader, having started and run one of the world’s largest trading companies for secondary metal. Nina taught Business and Business English at the MBA program at the University of Pisa, Italy for four years. She speaks six languages.

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