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We’ve been through a pandemic, a crypto meltdown, implosions and bankruptcies but we remain resilient amid a disruptive yet innovative digital transformation. The impact that this shift will have on our future is yet to be fully vetted.We are witnessing migration from unregulated new financial services providers to regulated companies replacing decades old platform technologies. The opportunities that these new ecosystems will offer for women will be significant.

Join us for our inaugural Women in Digital Assets Forum 2023 hosted by TabbFORUM and Lynne Marlor, (formerly, BNY Mellon) Chair-Boston Blockchain Association, Ambassador-GBBC, Founder-Transformational Strategies, LLC,where we will be celebrating women leaders who are embracing digital assets. We welcome the curious about the various digital assets, their respective technologies and their potential to craft future opportunities for women. We will be highlighting the transformative power and use cases of blockchain technology and smart contracts in new financial products, digital identities, NFT’s and metaverses. There will be opportunities to learn, ask questions, network and shape your future. Build your network, advance equality, build a better working world. Women make up half the population, let’s make sure they are included in every decision, every conversation and every solution to enable a better and more inclusive world. An event not to be missed!

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