The Consolidated Audit Trail - 3 Part Series Bundle
The Consolidated Audit Trail (Part III): Value Proposition and Hard Decisions
The Consolidated Audit Trail (Part II): Problems and Pitfalls
European Swap Trading: Slow and Steady Wins the Race?
Grand Bargain Survey Results: Let's Not Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water
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Calling All #Fintech: Kick-Starting the ‘Findustrial Revolution’
The Report Is In: Canada Loves Exchanges (Over Investors, Brokers, Market Makers and HFTs)
The Consolidated Audit Trail: Stitching Together the US Securities Markets
When Time Fails: Trading, Tech and Time
The CAT Conundrum: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Fixed Income Leaders Summit USA, June 2 - 4, Boston
Equities 2015: A New Vision Forward, A TabbFORUM Event, May 21st, NYC
FIMA 2015, March 30 - April 1, Boston
2015 HPC for Wall Street - Cloud Technology, April 6, NYC
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On TabbFORUM: A White Paper by CFTC Commissioner Giancarlo: Pro-Reform Reconsideration of the CFTC Swaps Trading Rules: Return to Dodd-Frank
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