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U.S. Should Avoid EU-Style Financial Regulations

November 11, 2019

Everyone's gut feeling is that some of the core elements of MiFID II will come into force in the U.S. in some form or another – but no one knows when. Having said that, around 40% of U.S. asset managers don't want to see MIFID II-style rules take effect in their markets, according to TABB Group, a financial markets research and strategic advisory firm. - US News & World Report.

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280 CapMarkets Voted SuperNOVA 2019 Award Winner at TABB Group’s Annual FinTech Festival in NYC

November 15, 2019

Competing head-to-head against six other NOVA winners, 280 CapMarkets, the cloud-based marketplace for fixed-income price discovery, was voted the SuperNOVA Award winner for 2019 yesterday by the audience of senior capital markets executives from banks, assets managers, brokers, market infrastructure providers, solution providers and funders attending TABB Group’s FinTech Festival 2019 in New York City.

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FinTech Festival 2019

November 13, 2019

Emerging technology is impacting capital markets participants’ choices around market collaboration partners, transaction venues and data. The industry is being transformed through technology, regulatory and market forces, resulting in global capital markets ecosystems that link infrastructure providers, institutional investors, brokers/dealers, service providers, and technology/data providers in innovative ways.  Accelerating the rate of change is the convergence of emerging technologies including cloud, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and blockchain. The industry is leveraging these technologies to create efficiencies and competitive advantage and bringing entirely new business models and revenue opportunities to light.  To paraphrase Darwin, It is not the fittest entities that thrive, but those most adaptable to change.

Join TABB Group analysts and experts from across the asset management and capital market industry to discuss how FinTech is reshaping capital markets ecosystems.

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Speed Bumps vs. Maker-Taker: The Lesser of Two Evils?

While it is expensive to compete and it can be difficult for firms to aggregate liquidity in today’s price-time marketplace, investors in general have benefited from current market structure. But liquidity providers generally need an incentive to provide liquidity. If the SEC moves forward with the Transaction Fee Pilot and significantly alters the exchange rebate/fee scheme, we may need another way to incentivize liquidity providers – and the asymmetric speed bump may be the appropriate response. In a recent comment letter to the SEC, TABB Group founder and research chairman Larry Tabb looks at the pros and cons of Cboe’s proposed speed bump and maker-taker pricing and which mechanism may be better for the markets.

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