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Pat LaVecchia
Oasis Pro
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Pat is CEO of Oasis Pro, Inc. and Oasis Pro Markets LLC, the first US-regulated alternative trading system (“ATS”) authorized to allow its Subscribers to trade digital (“blockchain”) securities and make payment for those digital securities in digital cash. Pat also had a global leadership role with the highly regarded decentralized finance platform, MakerDAO Foundation. He brings to Oasis Pro a deep track record of success in both traditional finance and DeFi/Blockchain and has the unique skill set and experiences to bridge the Regulatory Compliance and Blockchain verticals.​

Over his 25+ year career as a CEO and investment banker, he has successfully led a number of companies and spearheaded over $20 billion of financing, acquisitions and/or sale of well over 150 companies across a variety of industries including technology, fintech, and blockchain.

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